Monday, February 26, 2007

How to Blag an Interview

This is one of the funniest PR related stories I've read in a while... very candid about the drivel we PR pros push on press tours... a 'must read' for the novices.

How to Blag an Interview

I realized today that Frank Shaw is one of my favorite bloggers. Unlike the majority of the few hundred blogs I find myself compelled to scan on a daily basis, I’ve found that I enjoy reading what he has to say, and I usually agree with it.
Take his post today, “How to Do a Great Interview“, for example. Spot on. Guy knows what he’s talking about.

Frank gives ten rules that we hacks, in a perfect world, really should aspire to in every interview. And he’s almost 100% bang on the money.
Of course, it’s not a perfect world. With that in mind…