Friday, October 14, 2005

RSA to test new Web authentication service

CNET "Looking for a way to get its security gadgets into the hands of average consumers, RSA Security plans to test a new Web authentication service.
The security company's new RSA Authentication Service is designed to let consumers securely access multiple Web sites using a single RSA security credential, such as the company's password-generating hardware tokens. RSA plans to test the service starting next month with four financial services companies, company executives said.
For example, a customer of both the eTrade brokerage and a Wells Fargo bank could use a single device to authenticate their identity on the companies' sites, RSA Chief Executive Officer Art Coviello said in a meeting with reporters Wednesday in San Francisco. eTrade and Wells Fargo are RSA customers, but RSA would not say whether they are part of the trial. "

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Parsons denies Google-AOL tie-up

BBC News: "Time Warner's chief executive has denied reports that it may be about to sell a stake in its America Online (AOL) unit to Google and Comcast.
Richard Parsons also said there were no plans for a tie-up with Microsoft's search-engine technology.
News agency and newspaper reports said Google had been ready to share AOL with Time Warner and US cable firm Comcast.
Such a deal would have put Google's search tools with Time Warner's TV and film content in a portal.
Any such move would also have addressed criticism from investors of Time Warner's strategy. "

Google allies with Sun to offer challenge to Microsoft Office

American Marketing Association News: "Google Inc., the world's most-used Internet search engine, and Sun Microsystems are joining forces to offer online word processing and spreadsheet functions in a direct challenge to Microsoft Corp.'s dominance.
Google will distribute Sun's free software for personal computers, the companies said Tuesday at a press conference in Google's home town of Mountain View, Calif. Some downloaded Sun programs also will include Google's toolbar.
The alliance may present one of the strongest competitors to Microsoft's Office word processing and spreadsheet products, which generated $11 billion in sales last fiscal year. Google is using Sun to accelerate its battle with Microsoft, adding a missing piece to its growing list of features that includes the Google toolbar, e- mail and desktop search. "

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yahoo, Microsoft link IM services

CNET "Yahoo and Microsoft announced plans Wednesday to make their instant messaging services interoperable.
Consumers using the Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger programs will be able to exchange instant messages, see the presence of their contacts, share emoticons and add friends from either service, the companies said. Interoperability is expected to kick in during the second quarter of 2006."

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

CapRock Communications Expands Into Mexico; New Regional Operations Center Extends Satellite Provider's Global Infrastructure

Yahoo! Finance: "CapRock Communications announced today that it has extended its reach and customer support capability in Mexico, with the opening of a new operations center in Ciudad Del Carmen. The move comes as part of a continuing global expansion effort for the satellite communications leader, who provides advanced remote communications services to the energy, maritime, construction and mining industries, as well as government clients."

Monday, October 10, 2005

Get ready for 'Son of Can Spam'

CNET "Nearly two years ago, the U.S. Congress approved the first federal law regulating unsolicited junk e-mail, marking a historic date that finally freed our inboxes from the scourge of a punishing flow of spam. "

Finding the location, identity, or affiliation of email senders "Thanks to wireless networks, internet cafes, and web mail, it is now common to send email from just about anywhere. So, where was that friend, coworker, or stalker when she sent that message last night, and what else can we learn about her? Using simple techniques and a few well known, but often-overlooked email headers and internet tools, it's often easy to find out.

Likewise, the email you send may also include your location and school or employer, even if sent from a personal account. Do you or should you care? "