Thursday, December 22, 2005

iPod love affair...

OK... this year, I volunteered to help my father-in-law get an iPod for my mother-in-law. While you might think this was a very kind act of thoughtfulness, it really wasn't. It was my greedy, selfish way to get my paws on the latest and greatest iPod video and have a chance to play with it.

Confession time... so... it came in earlier this week, and I just HAD to open it, get it charged and start loading it with a bunch of goodies. It was my duty... really. After all, who wants to get a factory sealed iPod on Christmas morning only to realize it will take at least three to five hours to make it remotely useful. Yes, I was compelled to make sure my sweet mother-in-law could enjoy her new toy straight out of the wrapping paper.

Did you believe that line of crap?

Who am I kidding??? Let's go back to my original thought... without any kind of justification, this mother of two isn't going to spend three Benjamins on a frivilous toy like that for myself any time in the near future - espcially not if I even knew I would find it useful.

Now, well, let's just say I'll be packin' my lunch the next couple of months just to have a chance at owning one. It's a love affair that isn't going to leave my mind any time soon... I love that little white box.